New Project Proposal
Aqua KickBoxing

April 1, 2009

Are you a company looking for the next fitness craze product, DVD, course, or program to profitably market? How about something that is beginning to take off in Europe but is wide open in America? Oh and would being branded as the obvious authority in the market with a distinct competitive edge be enticing?

This is your chance to get into Aqua Kick Boxing! Read this brief proposal to see how it may benefit you, and how this can open a significant profit stream for your company. Please consider this now as this proposal is being simultaneously offered to your competitors.

I own the domains and, with which I thought about launching & marketing a DVD series geared at two market segments - end consumers (self-guided DVDs), and fitness instructor training & certification. Upon further reflection I realized that I don't have the resources to produce this product and market it effectively, so I am making it available to a company better suited to make this project fly.

The following are the highlights of the potentials that may be enticing to you:

Powerful Branding - Dot com domains are powerful for branding purposes; generally people regard companies with a domain name descriptive of the product to be the top authority on the subject. For Aqua Kick Boxing what could possibly be better than and This alone is a strong marketing advantage, properly positioning the company as a leader in this field which makes it that much more difficult for competitors to follow.

Consumer Products - A series of fitness DVD products could be made guiding the consumer to follow along the program as instructed, just like the numerous successful exercise DVDs being sold. Individual DVDs may be produced to target specific niches, such as "Power Fat Burning", "Toning & Strength", "Seniors' Fitness", and other related sub-topics.

Instructor Programs - World wide public pools and fitness clubs are offering Aqua Kick Boxing workout classes. So far there is no proper instructor training, nor certification for these instructors leading these aquatic workouts. This alone provides a HUGE POTENTIAL!!! A special DVD package instructing how to be an instructor could be produced, bundled with the consumer products. A remote test can be provided to pass "certification", and upon successful completion the individual would receive a diploma certifying them to the "Aqua Kick Box Instructor" certification, along with a listing on the website to verify to prospective employers that they are graduates. The self-study course & test may be retailed for $250 to $950 (depending upon certain factors), and there are countless fitness clubs who could benefit from having such certified instructors for their aquatic fitness programs. This alone has significant profit potential!

As mentioned earlier, I have had the vision for this product, however must pass this opportunity along to a company better suited to benefit from this idea. Thus you now have the chance to acquire the domain names ( and, and have a telephone consultation with me, so that you may pursue this lucrative project as your own. Though the profit potentials are significant I am letting this asset go to you for a bargain of just $5,000 USD. Yes, it is like you're stealing this from me.

Again, this proposed opportunity is being simultaneously offered to several competing companies. Please take the time to discuss this potential project in your company, evaluate the market & profit possibilities, and respond via email if you are interested in acquiring this asset. I would also be happy to discuss this by phone if interested.

Thank you for taking the time to carefully consider this unique opportunity, and I wish your company tremendous success in all your endeavors.